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December 29, 2007

wobniar2.jpgOnce upon a time there lived a ferocious dragon named Renaem.  He could cause so much trouble in the land with his fiery dragon flames that the people would run for their lives when they saw him.  They never dared to go into the forest, where he lived.  He would prowl the land, angry all the time.  When he got especially angry out of his mouth would spout huge fiery dragon flames. Renaem had a son named Wobniar.  Wobniar was learning how to be a dragon.  Every day Renaem would take his son deep in the forest so that he could teach him the ways of being a dragon.  Renaem would stand and think about hatred, resentment and get angrier and angrier.  When he was full of ugly thoughts he would take a deep breath and he would spout huge fiery dragon flames .   


Wobniar was amazed.  Then it was his turn.  Wobniar would try to think of hatred, resentment and anger, but an extraordinary thing would happen.  He couldn’t seem to hold onto these thoughts in his head.  His mind would always wander.  Soon Wobniar would be thinking about the birds and soft animals and how thankful he was for the blue sky and the green grass under his feet. Then his dad would shout “Wobniar, where is your dragon flame?”  “Oh, here I go Father”, said Wobniar.  He would take a deep breath and out would come the most beautiful RAINBOW. Wobniar would stare in disbelief.  “What kind of dragon spouts RAINBOWS?” he thought.  This must be a mistake thought Renaem.  “Try again son, said Renaem.”  So Wobniar would think of hatred and anger and resentment…but suddenly he would look over at a bunny or a bird and…Out would pour the most lovely RAINBOW that anyone had ever seen. Higher and higher the RAINBOW would fly into the sky.  All the birds and sweet animals would smile. 


Day after day, week after week, there were no fiery dragon flames, just magnificent RAINBOWS. Renaem would shrug his shoulders not being able to explain what was wrong.  Soon people in the land saw the RAINBOWS in the sky and learned about Renaem’s secret.  His son was not a flame spewing dragon like his father.  People started calling Wobniar the “RAINBOW DRAGON.” 


Children would go into the forest and hide behind the bushes to get a look at the “RAINBOW DRAGON.”  “Wow, Ooh, Aaah!” would be heard as the children would squeal watching RAINBOW after RAINBOW fly above the tree tops.  Wobniar would spout RAINBOWS in all sizes and shapes.  He would write words in the sky using RAINBOW letters.  As he spelled out his name, the children lying on their back and staring at the sky could see the letters backwards.  All of a sudden one of the boys said “Look, look… Wobniar spells RAINBOW backwards.”  “He really is a “RAINBOW DRAGON” one of the girls squealed.” 


One evening Renaem and Wobniar had a talk.  His father asked “Wobniar, what kind of dragon spouts RAINBOWS?”  Wobniar thought for a moment and then said, “What is a dragon anyway, Dad?”  “Is it someone who has to walk around angry all the time, thinking about bad thoughts, just so he can spout fiery dragon flames and make everybody scared?”  Wobniar said “If you ask me, Dad it feels a whole lot nicer to think about good things and make RAINBOWS!”   Renaem was shocked, he had never really thought about it before.  His father had taught him how to be a dragon and his grandfather had taught his father how to be a fire flame sprewing dragon.  “Dad, why don’t you just try to do it for a week, and then after that week if you think that I should try to stop making RAINBOWS, I will”, said Wobniar.  Renaem said, “Okay son, I’ll try it for a week and see if what you are saying is true.” 


A week went by and the people in the land saw the blue sky filled with the biggest RAINBOW that they had ever seen.  It went from one end of the land to the other and it was in the shape of a huge arch.  The people ran as fast as they could to the end of the RAINBOW, which was on the other side of the forest.  To their surprise, when they got to the end, they found both Renaem and Wobniar together in the forest making RAINBOWS. They were each writing words in the sky.  Wobniar shouted, “Look Dad, Renaem spells Meaner Backwards!”  They roared with laughter so hard that they rolled around in the grass. 


When Renaem and Wobniar noticed the people from the town watching them, the people got frightened.  They were so afraid of Renaem.  Renaem shouted “Come and join us, don’t be afraid.”  The people were shocked, and slowly they came out from behind the trees and the bushes to join them.   They all sat around and enjoyed the beautiful sky and the warmth of good thoughts that radiated from the two dragons. 


From that day on, no one feared Renaem.  Wobniar taught everyone that it is so much more enjoyable to think about wonderful things than to be angry about ugly thoughts.  Renaem promised never to spout fiery dragon flames and cause trouble again.  “Making RAINBOWS is ever so much more fun than being angry”, he shouted.  All the town’s people cheered in delight. 


They crowned their beloved Wobniar The RAINBOW DRAGON.  Wobniar would sit on his thrown that the carpenters had made especially for him.  All the children that lived in the town would line up to whisper their name in Wobniar’s ear.  Once he knew how to spell their name, he would write it in the sky in his huge RAINBOW letters.  Each child would watch in wonder as their name floated high about the tree tops.