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June 4, 2007

bernadette.jpgIngrid Bernadette Wannabe had brown hair and big brown eyes.  She went to a very nice school and had lots of great friends.  Everybody loved Ingrid Bernadette Wannabe, except she had this one problem.  She had a personality that seemed to never be satisfied.  Ingrid Bernadette Wannabe said “I want to have blonde hair and big blue eyes like my friend Jill B. Jones.”  So Ingrid Bernadette Wannabe changed her name and let her bangs grow so long so it would cover her beautiful brown eyes.  “Call me Ingrid B. Wannabe from now on Mom and Dad”, said Ingrid.  Ingrid B. Wannabe lived in a nice town called Oakville.  The town had a wonderful school and a great big recreation center.  Ingrid B. Wannabe said “I want to live in the town called Littleton like my friend Nancy Liverpool.” Ingrid B. Wannabe’s street address was 25 Crossing Lane and she lived in the prettiest blue house with white shutters and window boxes in every window.  Ingrid B. Wannabe said “I want to live on Spring Street and have a white house with black shutters like my friend Harriett Jones who lives around the corner.” Ingrid B. Wannabe’s mother bought Ingrid the nicest clothing to fit Ingrid perfectly.  Her mother picked out just the right shade of colors that she thought Ingrid would like.  Ingrid B. Wannabe said “I want to wear baggy orange pants and a big purple shirt with red suspenders just like my friend Billy Matthews wears.”  Ingrid B. Wannabe had the cutest little dog, named Twinkles.  Everyone loved Twinkles and she was so much fun.  She would cuddle on the couch with Ingrid and she could catch a ball and bring it back.  Ingrid B. Wannabe said “I want a Golden Retriever like Rusty my friend Sam Herrington’s dog and I want to name him Rusty.”  Ingrid B. Wannabe had the greatest toys.  She would proudly show all of them to her friends.  That is, until she would see something new and different that a friend would have.  Then Ingrid B. Wannabe would come home and say “I want a toy just like my friend’s.”   Ingrid B. Wannabe had quite a big selection of baseball caps.  She had them in her room and the stack got taller and taller and taller.  Because every time Ingrid B. Wannabe would see someone’s new hat she would say “I want a hat just like my friend.”  One day her mother decided to have a talk with Ingrid B. Wannabe.  “Ingrid, do you know that our last name was not always Wannabe?”  Ingrid’s Mother said.  “Why Mom, how could that be?”  Ingrid asked with her eyes so wide they were as big as saucers.  “Well when Daddy was growing up and moved to a new city he met lots of new friends.  He thought that they all had better names than his so, Daddy changed his name.  So, Daddy changed his name to I. B. Wannabe”, continued her mom.  Ingrid B. Wannabe thought for a long time and then she said “What did it used to be”?  Ingrid was looking at her mother out of the corner of her eye.  Her mother answered “Oh, his name was originally I. B. Satisfied!”  Her mother smiled and waited for Ingrid to respond.  Ingrid B. Wannabe looked at her mother for a while and then she started to laugh.  They both laughed and laughed.  “Oh, Mommy you are so silly”, said Ingrid.  But Ingrid B. Wannabe understood what her mother was trying to show her, she wanted her to be content with what she had.  Her father had never changed his name but she thought about the word satisfied and what it meant.  A funny thing happened after that day.  Every time Ingrid B. Wannabe would find herself wanting what someone else had, she would remember her mother’s silly story and she would think.  She would stop, and smile and suddenly she would become Ingrid B. Satisfied.