When my girls were little I was always finding new ways to teach them the one million life lessons they needed to know.  One of the easiest ways for me to communicate was to tell them a story.  I always loved to read to them and sometimes I couldn’t find just the right book to teach a particular life lesson.  So, I would sit down and write something that might make them become more mindful.

This web site is designed to share the stories that I have written for them over the years.  I hope that you enjoy them and that they make you smile.   Each story is able to be printed out with the illustration thumbnail. If you would like to print out a larger 8 x 10 illustration, just highlight the art and then print.  You can also copy and paste the story into a word document to print.

 At the bottom of each story I have left a comment giving a summary of what the story is about and what lesson it teaches.

You will find on the blogroll websites about authors, illustrators, reviewers and just for fun sites.



Here are the links to my other web sites:

my blog
my devotional
Portfolio of Artwork


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